SHAIFAK is a fast, free, reliable and simple way to share your location in real-time. We put you in control. You set who sees you and for how long.

Send a Follow me request to let friends and family know you are on your way. Send a tracking request to a colleague who is always running late.

It’s safe, flexible, and easy. Select a relative from one of your groups, set duration, and hit send.

Family matters

While you might invite your son or your friend to join a group, at its heart SHAIFAK is about family. Knowing they're safe is the most important thing. Everything we do is designed to help you manage the chaos that is daily family life. From seeing where everyone is on a map to letting them know you’ll be five minutes late, we’ve designed SHAIFAK to make things a lot easier.

Knowledge is power

We want to spread the knowledge around. At SHAIFAK, we believe it’s important for everyone in the family to know what’s going on. We’re not about people sneakily tracking their loved ones, we can’t stop anyone from uninstalling the app, and there’s no way to hide the fact that our app is installed. Call a family meeting, set rules together, and then use our app to give everyone peace of mind.

We're here for you

You trust us with your whereabouts, and that's not something we take lightly. SHAIFAK uses top-notch GPS technology. Your maps are built with bank-level security. Your locations and will always be private, available only to people you invite. Your privacy and security are the most important issues in our business model. As long as you feel safe, as long as we stay up and running.


Take a Look Around SHAIFAK App

SHAIFAK mobile app gives you peace of mind, on the road and off. The setup is easy and takes less than 5 minutes to setup your groups.

Avoid annoying “where are you?” calls, just let your Mom knows where you are now by sharing SHAIFAK with her.

With hectic schedules and long to do lists, managing the day to day for your family can feel like a full time job. SHAIFAK here to help! Whether you're making dinner plans, coordinating carpools, or just ensuring everyone arrived home safe, SHAIFAK gives you simplified communication and peace of mind right at your fingertips.

shaifak web

Shaifak Web

We know how much work you have in your daily working hours, but don’t worry; you still can keep eyes on your beloved ones while you are working on your PC or laptop without holding your mobile in your hands.

SHAIFAK web is here for you, just visit, scan the QR code and keep tracking for all your relatives from our web portal as same as from your mobile screen. It’s simple, live and secure.


Invite a relative:

If you checked add a relative screen and didn’t find the one you want to add, don’t worry, it just means that the person you want to track don’t have SHAIFAK installed on his phone, pick a messaging app (for example you can choose WhatsApp) from the list, select the person and hit send, he will get immediate message with the download link.

Add a relative:

In this screen, and based on your phone contacts, we will show you who’s already installed SHAIFAK on his mobile, just choose the wanted contact and select in which group you want to add him/her then hit Add and wait for the response from the other side.


We have collected all your upcoming requests in one place, and categorized all in three categories. Adding (people wants to add you in their groups). Tracking (people want to track you). Sent (adding or tracking requests you already sent to the others).

Places near me:

As a great feature in SHAIFAK, you can locate banks, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants and many more. Just open it and select which category you are looking for, based on you location, you will get immediate results dropped on the map.

APP Screenshots

We would like to share some screens from SHAIFAK


Yes …. You can easily download the App from Google play or Apple store.

The SHAIFAK app for Android is localized in the Arabic/English, while the IOS version is running in English only for now.

NO! Our core service is 100% free of charge to download and use, at this moment, we don’t charge any fees, using our App is totally free with full functionality.

Yes, you are totally secured in different ways
- We use bank level SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to insure about the data security in all data transmission levels.
- No one is allowed to send you a tracking request unless (he/she) is being a member of one of your groups in the App.
- All tracking activities must get your permission first, and you have the choice to deny any tracking request coming from any member of your groups.
For more information, please check Privacy policy.

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No more endless texts and calls wondering, has son arrived home? Has Dad left the office? When will Mom arrive to pick me up? With SHAIFAK, just open the app and instantly see everyone in your family group on the map. What are you waiting for? Come and download ….

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